Would be surprised if one team dominated in 2022


“I would be very surprised if we see a boring season with the new cars in the coming year,” says McLaren CEO Zak Brown. This fear was expressed by some after 2021 had one of the most exciting Formula 1 seasons of all time, but everything will be turned around for 2022.

After the last major rule change in 2014, Mercedes had the greatest dominance in Formula 1 history, and in 2022 there could be another team that is ahead of everyone else. Brown isn’t worried about that: “You will see some winners, some losers and some surprises,” but I would be surprised if there was dominance, “he says.

He could imagine that there would be a dominant team at the start of the season that, like Brawn 2009, came up with a clever idea with the double diffuser, but that shouldn’t last long. “I would be surprised if the field doesn’t come closer together again.”

Formula 1 has taken some measures to keep the field closer together again. Apart from the new cars, with which it should be possible to drive behind again, the budget limit and the staggered aerodynamic development according to the World Cup result ensure more balanced possibilities.

Brown even dreams of a really close world championship: “I hope that we come to Abu Dhabi next year and three or four cars are fighting for the world championship. That is the ultimate goal.”

“I think the year up front and back on the grid was spectacular. And I hope that what we’re seeing now, with the new vehicle designs and the new aerodynamics package, is just a foretaste of the future.”

With images from Motorsport Images.

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