Yamamoto about crash at Silverstone: ‘We had to change our entire strategy after that’


Masashi Yomoto thinks the crash of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton during the Grand Prix of Great Britain has ensured that the final phase of the season has been so exciting. According to the Honda CEO, that would have been very different if the crash had not happened.

Verstappen and Hamilton were very evenly matched last season. Both gentlemen were in top form and were also prepared to go far in the battle for the world title. This went wrong on several occasions, including during the Grand Prix at Silverstone. Verstappen was tapped by his title competitor just after the start of the race, after which he ended up in the tire piles with 51G and recorded a DNF. Hamilton was given a five-second time penalty, but was nevertheless able to drive to victory without too many problems. As a result, Hamilton regained the championship lead. In the end, the championship was decided on the very last lap, of the very last race.

Crash on Silverstone

“I think the incident at the British Grand Prix was one of the reasons they were so close all season,” Yamamoto told Autosportweb. “At the Silverstone circuit, the speed between us and Mercedes in Sector 1, Sector 2 and Sector 3 was different.” According to Yamamoto, this had to do with the fact that the cars were set up very differently and were simply put together very differently.

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“In other words, we had a different strategy to gain time,” said the Honda chief. “Mercedes was faster in sector 1, we were faster from sector 3, corner ninth. Although Hamilton was pushing from the start, Max was able to hold out until Turn 9, after which he was faster. However, they touched each other and then Max went off track and crashed. The car was broken, we lost one engine and had to change our whole strategy for the season,” said Yamamoto.

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