Yamamoto: Honda retired from Formula 1 too early


Honda succeeded in the final round of the final race of the last year in which it will be active as an engine supplier in Formula 1 in the ultimate goal. They won the world title with Max Verstappen. Honda’s motorsport boss Masashi Yamamoto now indicates that they probably pulled the plug on the project too soon.

“In a personal capacity I think so, yes. But this is a company decision. I understand which way Honda wants to go, so in the end we can only accept that choice from Honda,” Yamamoto is quoted by Motorsport. “But you can always dream, so I hope that at some point Honda will return to Formula 1.”

New mindset at Honda

Although Yamamoto is sad about the departure, he is satisfied that the goals set have largely been achieved: “Of course it is a shame, but we knew this since October 2020 and from that moment we also knew that we had to work hard.” for 2021.”

“We adapted a new mindset and looked at that decision in a completely different way from now on (to stop, ed.). We tried to give everything to be able to perform well in the limited time that remained.”

From 2022, the Red Bulls will still be powered by Honda engines, which are also maintained in Sakura, with the difference that Red Bull now has to pay for them. FPAL has recently learned that this construction can be held until the end of 2025, as opposed to the end of 2023, which has been communicated so far.

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