2021, the goodbye of Valentino Rossi


Valentino Rossi, Known all over the world as “Il Dottore” for one of its most remembered celebrations, it has been the main protagonist of the 2021 motorcycling season, results aside, after announcing its retirement from the competition at the age of 42 and already turned into a real living legend of world motorcycling and for this he did not even need to reach the fifteen world titles that his compatriot Giacomo Agostini achieved.

His long blonde curly hair from the 90s and his extravagant and quirky celebrations soon took their toll on an avid hobby of idols and, for decades, “Valentinik”, “Rossifumi”, Il Dottore “or any of the nicknames by which that the “king” of world motorcycling was known, they resounded all over the world filling the covers of newspapers, magazines or even opening the television sports information of many countries.

All this has helped Valentino Rossi to become a motorcycle legend, an honorary title that, although many other riders of all time also have, as it was created not long ago by the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM) and the organizers of the championship of the world as a “hall of fame”, in the case of the Italian rider it acquires special tints as reality dictates that he is a true “Legend” recognized and applauded practically in any corner of the world.

His nine world titles and his 115 victories in all the categories he has gone through are already an elusive baggage, but it will be even more difficult for his rivals to have the charisma and personality of the Italian champion, his true value to “penetrate” in motorcycling hobbies around the world.

It is always said that the champion is remembered and that of the second, over the years, nobody remembers, but the truth is that Valentino Rossi will remain in the memory of motorcycling fans for a long time and although the Spanish Marc Márquez has been and is who has come closest to Rossi’s charisma and personality, still lacks “a point” of eccentricity or more approximation to the great nucleus of fans and that was somewhat slowed by the “incident” that both starred in Malaysia 2015.

The organization of the world championship wanted a “transit” between the best figures in the motorcycling world championship, between Valentino Rossi and Marc Márquez, in the calmest sequence and, the truth is that they were on the way to achieving it, but two great athletes, “cannibals “in their performance like them, they ended up” exploding “on the track due to the provocations of one, the statements of another, or whatever you want to see, but at the end of the day because of their behavior on the track.

The World Cup was blown up in 2015 and in that regard, among them, it was never the same again. Valentino Rossi did not forgive the “betrayal” that according to him Marc Márquez starred in Australia, while the Spaniard never forgave the words and the prism of seeing the things of Valentino Rossi in Sepang and who lost in reality was motorcycling, since both the one like the other, they are two “great” champions.

Cuitas aside, in the end, Valentino Rossi’s sports career has concluded in 2021 that has still been hit and haunted by the pandemic created worldwide by Covid’19, although at least a total of eighteen grand prizes and has seen a new champion, the French Fabio Quartararo, who relieved another champion like the Spanish Joan Mir, in his case twice, having also been a Moto3 champion in 2017.

2022 will be a complicated year, at first, for the most nostalgic, since surely more than one person will “be missing someone” on the track, and although life continues, for many the “essence and presence” of a pilot of the stature of Valentino Rossi.

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