Accident in Portimão: Journalist in a coma for weeks


When the MotoGP entourage visited Portimão for the second time of the season, there was a serious traffic accident on November 6th: a police officer died and journalist Lucio Lopez was seriously injured. Now he answered.

The Algarve GP on the first weekend in November was overshadowed by a tragic incident, because a fatal accident occurred on the Saturday evening before the penultimate race day of the MotoGP season 2021: Police sergeant João Fernandes was killed in the exercise of his office when he was at the «Autódromo Internacional do Algarve »left on his motorcycle in the dark and was rammed from behind by a taxi driver. In the taxi sat the journalist Lucio Lopez, who was on his way to his quarters. He was badly injured.

Now, shortly after Christmas, Lucio spoke up again publicly for the first time. “I arrived at the hospital in critical condition, with third-degree burns, multiple fractures and unable to move my legs and hands,” he said in one published blog post. «After I was in a coma or sedated from November 6th to December 19th, after six operations, a tracheotomy and physiotherapy, the doctors and nurses have now managed to get me to the beginning of the rehabilitation path. While the prospects are good, it is too early to say how far I can go in the long months of this process. “

Lopez especially thanked Simon Patterson and photographer David Goldman, “for their heroic efforts that saved my life.” Because it was the colleagues who, by the way, both work together with, who luckily pulled the seriously injured man out of the car on time.

World Cup promoter Dorna supports the Spanish journalist and his family, plus lots of encouraging news from the paddock. “I am right when I say that the best thing about the motorcycle world is the people you interact with. You are great, “said Lucio Lopez, and concluded with an announcement:” I plan to come back. “

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