Casey Stoner to Marc Marquez: “It takes time”


The two-time MotoGP world champion Casey Stoner (36) speaks about the injuries as part of being a racing driver and the difficult situation of Honda star Marc Márquez.

When Marc Márquez returned to the MotoGP World Championship in Portimão in April 2021, 265 days after the fracture of the upper arm on July 19, 2020 in Jerez and a total of three operations, he could not hold back tears after seventh place in the comeback race. The pictures went around the world. Five Grand Prix later, the Repsol Honda star managed to return to the highest podium at the Sachsenring – it was his first victory after 518 days.

Two more victories in Austin and Misano and a second place in Aragón followed, but then came the next setback for Marc Márquez: Since an off-road training accident on October 30, the eight-time world champion has suffered from visual impairments. Even though he has now resumed training with a view to the 2022 season, it is not clear when he will jump on a MotoGP bike for the first time.

The misery of injuries raises questions from observers and fans: Will Marc Márquez be the same again? How much does injuries affect a driver’s head?

“Injuries definitely affect you, it’s part of racing,” said Casey Stoner. The two-time MotoGP world champion, who ended his active career in 2012 at the age of only 27, added: “I think I was particularly good at – and Marc is also very good at – pushing these things away, especially if you know where it is Error lay. We all make mistakes, we all pushed too hard once and crashed … That’s just part of racing. You have to try to get the best out of yourself and the bike. I think it’s more about learning from these mistakes and not repeating them. ”

«If I fell in a session, there was never anything – apart from serious injuries – that would have kept me from going back to the track on another bike and even being faster, as long as the set-up was reasonably similar was, »said Stoner. “I was never really scared, but in a way I was already aware that I never wanted to fall. But I never got scared because of a mistake I had made. ”

The now 36-year-old Australian also admitted: “With Marc the situation is a bit different because he went through a very big injury, with a very long recovery time and many complications. That takes its toll, it will take a while to leave it behind, mentally and physically. ”

According to Stoner, people often underestimate how long it would take to be physically fit again after an injury break. «It takes an incredibly long time. I remember my ankle surgery when I wasn’t allowed to walk for a couple of months, and muscles break down so quickly when you can’t use them. To build up the years of training again, his arm and shoulder need a lot of time. “

The 45-time GP winner said: “There is also no way to imitate riding a MotoGP bike. No matter how much you train or sit on a superbike machine, that doesn’t even come close to what is required of you on a MotoGP bike. “

“And of course there is a fear that this injury could happen again,” added Stoner. “It’s impossible to imagine what Marc is going through, but the last year and a half have certainly been difficult for him.”

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