Dakar: Danilo Petrucci injures elbow after ankle injury – MotoGP


The Dakar 2022 is carried away with a political imbroglio against a backdrop of behind-the-scenes terrorism and an unprecedented winner Danilo Petrucci who looks like a universal link in motorcycle competition, victorious in both MotoGP and Rally Raid on the track. Right, the latter discovered that the desert could retreat as quickly as it had given during this stage of the day marked by a cancellation and falls, including that of Petrux. It will be necessary to remain vigilant until the last arrival so as not to get really hurt…

Danilo Petrucci was quickly reminded of reality during this ordeal Dakar who does not forgive any deviation. In a special that was so bad it had to be canceled, he crashed and touched rocks hidden under the sand. On his social network, Petrux, now a historical figure who has impressed his peers, commented:

Danilo Petrucci: “I left, but I wasn’t really clear in my head

Yesterday I won, so today I had to go first. We had to do the stage that cars and trucks did yesterday, so hundreds of 4×4s with hundreds of trucks. Everything was completely destroyed with the stones hidden under the sand. At km 3 I found a bump who threw me in the air at 100 km/h. I left, but I wasn’t really clear in my head. The pilot behind me @rossbranchbw drove by there and did the same but broke his leg.

Fortunately, the helicopter landed above us and told the pilots to go that way. We arrived at km 160 with nine riders when they decided to stop the race because it was too dangerous for the others to continue. I’m fine, I got a good blow and I’ll have some stitches in my elbow.

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