Dakar: One last break, one last fall and another injury for Danilo Petrucci – MotoGP


Danilo Petrucci will undoubtedly have deserved to see the finish of his first Dakar. Whoever was in MotoGP two months ago started the most selective Rally-Raid as his first experience in the discipline, and he will have had a career in one event. On his KTM in the Tech3 livery he will have had a resounding victory, more often than not he will have fallen, he will have injured himself and he will have experienced a succession of technical setbacks that challenged him. At 3 km from the target his suspension dropped so…

Till the end ! Danilo Petrucci will not have had any reprieve for this first in Dakar who counts in his life. From the technical checks he was in the hot seat with a positive Covid test, but everything was back to normal. He started training with an ankle injured, won a stage, stuck out his elbow, crumpled his shoulder and injured a wrist in preparation for the finish. He also laments unsolvable electrical problems on a KTM whose hanging gave up the ghost three miles before the end. And these setbacks, Petrax will not forget them…

After the blow to the shoulder, I wanted to make it. 25 km from the end I was afraid there was a problem with the bike, on the rear tire, and I braked » he tells about his last stage. ” Unfortunately it was not enough because I fell 3 km from the target. The pendant was broken. I hit my wrist He adds to GPOne: “ I don’t understand all these breaks because the second week turned out to be incredible at this level with everything that happened to me. I hope I don’t have anything serious on my wrist. I didn’t think I had all these problems and I can’t wait to go home “.

Danilo Petrucci: “it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done

But still, what predominates is satisfaction: “ I am so happy that I finally made it to the finish line and reached the goal I set for myself. The build-up to the event and the race itself were tough, but finishing my very first Dakar is a great feeling. “, said petrucci. ” I am very happy with my performance, but the past few days, I fell a few times and now feel quite sore “.

Thanks to all the team for their hard work, it was an amazing experience and one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I fell several times and at the moment I feel pretty bad Ducati, who will use him for a season in MotoAmerica, will now closely monitor the physical condition of his Petrux…

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