Dakar: Right shoulder loose, Danilo Petrucci will try to finish at all costs – MotoGP


It is no coincidence that Danilo Petrucci made the journey in this edition of the Dakar that he would like to see the finish. Because since the penultimate stage, concerns have been raised about a Petrux who certainly made history by making it happen in one day, but who pays a high price for his exploits … It is remembered that he left with a bad ankle, he has a hole in one elbow and now his right shoulder could have a broken collarbone…

It is in this condition, rarely known in MotoGP, not to mention reliability concerns which have made it even more complicated for him, that he will ride the last stage next Friday. Then it becomes liberation, tranquility and something to think about in the United States with a Ducati in MotoAmerica. But you have to see the finish. The pilot KTM thus commenting on what he recognized as being ” the hardest day “…

I already understood what the Dakar was about, but on Thursday we got off to a bad start because almost everyone was lost on the fourth kilometer. I tried to push but the sand was very soft and I had never failed on any dune in the entire Dakar. But it happened “.

Danilo Petrucci: “it was blowing a lot of wind, we couldn’t see anything, it was something at the limit of the possible

There was a ghostly point, there was a lot of wind, we couldn’t see anything, it was something on the limit of the possible. We didn’t know where to go, between these dunes and dry branches, it was like Transylvania. After the sandstorm we left, I found my rhythm, broke my road book… But in general I had tracks in the dunes, I was not bad “.

At the end we went back to these dried up rivers and in the middle of these branches there was a trunk that threw me in the air, the airbag exploded and the bike fell on me. I thought I broke my collarbone, I can barely lift my arm. I hope it’s nothing serious I had never seen such sand »Concludes Danilo Petrucci.

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