‘I will follow Valentino Rossi’s secret for 2022’ – Francesco Bagnaia


Valentino Rossi has hung up his helmet as far as MotoGP is concerned, but will remain present in the paddock as he follows his academy riders. For Francesco Bagnaia, now racing without the #46 on the grid, his strategy for next year will be to recreate his mentor’s ‘secret’ by having fun whenever he’s on his bike.

‘I think I have to work on this to always be focused and have fun. And I believe that was Valentino’s secret, to enjoy everything every time he raced. Aragon triggered something inside me and also changed something in my career’, the #63 told quoted by Motosan.

Still talking about Rossi, Bagnaia knows he will always have #46 by his side: ‘Despite the retirement, he will be very close to me or close to the rider who needs his help. He is our mentor and will definitely help us. It won’t be easy because he will be busy with his new challenge in cars, but it will be like having him with us’.

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