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Moto2, in 2021, was a one-sided duel between the two riders of an Ajo KTM team that left nothing but crumbs in an almost humiliated competition. Never in the history of this category have two teammates dominated a season so much. The talents of Remy Gardner and Raul Fernandez undoubtedly have a lot to do with it, but the other teams on the grid are still wondering what Ajo had besides them tanning this way. The shock was great and the trauma felt real. At least that is apparent from the edifying words of Marcel Schrotter.

Marcel Schrotter This is not his first year in Moto2, far from it, and he is not evolving into a second-class team as it is intact. But both the driver and the team did not come out intact from a 2021 season where the orange Kalex stamped KTM by Remy Gardner and Raul Fernandez were in demonstration. We’ll remember the numbers: eight wins for the Spaniard, five for the Australian who eventually took the title, which makes 13 performance on 18 occasions.

With 311 points, Gardener narrowly won in the season finale against Fernandez, which allowed 307 points. But above all there is a difference of 97 points with Marco BezzecchiI finished in third place in the general classification. A gap, a difference never seen in the history of this category.

It is therefore nothing to say that the men ofAki Ajo defeated their opponents last year and it’s all the more painful for them because they can’t explain how they got there. About Marcel Schrotter, from the Intact team, are edifying: ” everyone is wondering what happened this year and how they did it », said the German in an interview with ‘’. ” Sure, Remy Gardner has always gotten stronger over the years, but delivering something like this is strong. And then you also have a Fernandez who is certainly a talent like Marquez. You don’t often see a pilot of this caliber “.

“Everyone is wondering what happened this year and how they did at Ajo”

However… ” To hurt the other riders so much, to have such differences with the third, it never happened in Moto2 », is also surprised Schrötter. ” What’s the best there is? I have no idea ! If only we knew this “. In the races, the Ajo drivers were almost always ahead. Gardener has won five races and claims a total of twelve podiums. his teammate Fernandez has materialized eight times and he has as many podiums.

Schrötter met the Ajo riders on the track a few times during practice sessions. Could he see what? Gardener and Fernandez done differently? ” It’s extremely difficult to really understand where they make the difference because there were sessions where Fernandez was ahead of me and they weren’t as fast. said the pilot. ” There were times when I rode behind Gardner. I followed him for two turns and then he went away. It was four to five tenths of a second in a lap and you feel like a beginner. It can’t be », Sorry Schrötter.

It is extremely difficult to see anything. I had a lot of trouble braking and never really got to use my power, the late braking. But then I see others who brake much later, but have no problem with the rear wheel and that’s why it is like this: you think you understand the game, but then someone comes along who drives very differently, who is also super fast. It’s very, very hard », concludes the Intact pilot, visibly affected.

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