MotoE: If Marini and Bastianini want to try the Ducati, Bagnaia won’t make it a priority – MotoGP


Ducati therefore has its electric motorcycle. A great first that took the form of a competition machine, as if to show that, despite being quiet and making progress with batteries, it remains in the philosophy of a brand focused on excellence in racing. It will also be a great challenge for the men of Borgo Panigale who will have to take care of the MotoE field in 2023 alongside the eight Desmosedici in MotoGP. Still, Bastianini and Marini are enthusiastic about the approach, while Bagnaia is just intrigued, if not even a little dubious for now…

This different approach to electric motorcycle at ‘s house Ducati is not a matter of generation as the three Italians are more or less the same age. It’s more about philosophy and sensitivity. The opus that alone Michele pirro had the privilege of deflowering now stands in the landscape of the Italian manufacturer. An arrival that connects Enea Bastianini : ” I was very surprised to hear that Ducati would provide the starting grid for MotoE ” he said. ” It’s a big project and the bike is objectively beautiful. I also imagine that he will have great strength and I would really like to do a test as soon as it is possible to pilotR “.

Bagnaia and the electric Ducati: “I don’t know if I want to try this wordO”

Same request, but with less direct conditions, also for Luca Marini : ” new technologies fascinate me, I already have an electric car and I must say that it drives very well Said ‘s brother Valentino Rossic. ” I’m not sure if these bikes could be the future of MotoGP or not, but it could happen and I’m very open to it. Driving the Ducati prototype would be a great opportunity “.

The Vice World Champion, Francesco Bagnaia, is more careful on “ it’s a big change and I’m glad Ducati is looking to the future said Pecco. ” Ducati sure knows how to build a motorcycle. I look forward to this development. But I don’t know if I want to try this bike “. It will be remembered that this electric motorcycle was developed on Ducati within a dedicated and independent department, with engineers who have carte blanche, who, according to the eminence grise Gigi Dall’Igna, would make jealous between the red tunics.

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