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Admittedly this is not the official presentation of the Repsol Honda Team today, which will take place online on February 8 and will allow Marc Marquez and Pol Espargaro to unveil the 2022 Honda RC213Vs they will be using this season. But today we attended a global presentation of the Honda group’s commitment to competition, which includes MotoGP.

The conference started with Toshihiro Mibe, the new president of the Japanese giant since April 2021, who insisted on the ecological orientation of the competition (electric + ecofuel) and announced a restructuring of the HRC (Honda Racing Corporation), symbolized by a new logo, with the letters now italicized . From now on, cars and motorcycles are united under this logo, with reinforced links between these two worlds.

Koji WatanabeHRC boss then recalled Honda’s 2021 results before specifying that the HRC’s new structure would be officially launched in April, but motorcycles and cars would remain in two different places, Asaka in Saitama Prefecture for motorcycles. Tochigi prefecture for cars. he then described the car industry before Yuki tsunoda (Alpha Tauri F1) speaks.

The presenter then confirmed the different motorcycle teams:

Despite what was announced, Marc Marquez finally appeared on video to mention: Hello everyone and above all a happy new year! I hope everyone has had a good start to 2022. As a driver, of course, we hope for a better year in 2022 because 2021 was particularly tough, coming back from my arm injury. It was difficult, with ups and downs, but we had four important podiums and three wins. But unfortunately, while we were in the best period, we got another eye injury, double vision, and unfortunately we didn’t finish the season in a good way. I’m feeling better and little by little it seems that the time to start riding again is getting closer, but we have to be patient because it’s a slow process. But yes, I am fully motivated for 2022 and wish all Honda drivers the best. Bye !”

In crisp white shirts and black trousers, the Japanese motorcyclists then appeared in person behind Takaaki Nakagami.

Takaaki Nakagami: “Hello, I’m Takaaki Nakagami in MotoGP. Thank you for attending this event today. I also want to thank everyone who looks on the internet. This is my 5th year in MotoGP and I continue to work on my first win. I will continue to work seriously to achieve it: it is a very difficult but exciting goal. ”

The conference then looked at the Japanese manufacturer’s motoring program in the various categories except F1 before its conclusion.

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