MotoGP between Vinales and Yamaha we will not forget: “I went crazy” – MotoGP


Maverick Vinales and Yamaha have not become good friends and apparently the time has not yet come to meet over coffee. The Spanish pilot left a painful memory of Lin Jarvis, who blamed this unprecedented separation in his box that never had to experience the suspension of one of his riders. The Englishman never forgets an opportunity to point out the psychological vulnerability of the one who has now found shelter with Aprilia. And who swore to have come near madness with Iwata’s staff…

There is still resentment and resentment between Yamaha and Maverick Vinales. Once the two have turned the page in a sporty and humane way, it will still take time for the wound to heal. So the stormy history of this divorce has indeed shaken the box-hit tuning forks and, by the way, it’s to the credit of Fabio Quartararo to have continued to hold on to his goal that he had finally achieved: the title.

Yes Lin Jarvis offered himself a few outings this winter on his ex-pilot, the latter also had his word. On Tuttomotoriweb we read: ” sometimes I felt unbeatable and other times I was the last, I went crazy. I wanted to feel a team around me, I needed more support “.

Vinales also says about Yamaha: “finally the bike is fantastice”

A loss that makes him say he should have finally stayed with it Suzuki… ” Obviously I made a mistake. There was a good team, but at the time the Yamaha was a winning bike and I chose this route. Wrong or not, I don’t know. But it brought me to a place where I’m happy now “. Which means Aprilia.

Vinales has lost a lot economically, but he has gained what he wanted: the feeling of belonging more to a family than to a stable. That said, the Spaniard doesn’t really throw a rock Yamaha : ” finally the bike is fantastic He said. Maverick Vinales is definitely a complex character, but remains one of the best on the MotoGP scene. BEE Massimo Rivola and Aprilia, helped byAleix Espargaró, to derive all the advantages without the disadvantages …

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