MotoGP Carlo Merlini, Gresini Ducati: “we want to do it right and we have everything to do it right” – MotoGP


The Gresini team will start again on new bases in MotoGP, with two new riders, who are, however, acquaintances, and two Ducatis succeeding the two Aprilia RS GPs. Because until then the troops of the late Fausto served the interests of the Noale brand, which entered the category through this door opened by the late boss of the same name. A disappearance that clearly shocked the Italian home, which showed its solid family foundations through the ordeal. The companion and the sons have taken over the torch and Carlo Merlini will be his gray eminence. It tells about the creation of the new organization by remembering its history …

A story that indeed deserves to be remembered. Carlo Merlinic says thus:I also want to remind you thatbefore Aprilia we were a Honda satellite team for a long time. We are, so to speak, what we were before our time with Aprilia » begins the Italian. So we don’t start from scratch…” if you look at this year’s Aprilia team, I’d say about half were Aprilia employees and the other half Gresini. Closing out the Moto3 project allowed us to select some of the best mechanics to promote them in MotoGP, as well as some new additions from Avintia. In that respect it was a big change, but everything looks fine “.

About the change of manufacturer, Merlinic reveals the details of this choice: ” Aprilia was definitely an option. They asked us if we wanted to continue with them to continue our relationship as a satellite team. Ducati was the other option. We have considered all aspects, sporting, technical and of course financial. When we got to the point of putting it all together, we found the Ducati pack to be the best option overall. Perhaps the most difficult in some ways, but we wanted to take on this challenge and are very happy with the decision. So far so good “.

Team Gresini: “we had to start without Fausto and no longer ride with Aprilia, but with Ducatis

a priori, Ducati is indeed the choice of the moment given the form shown by the Desmosedici. It will still be necessary to drive them well and the team Gresini will be able to count a talented Italian duo consisting ofEnea Bastianini and the rookie Fabio Di Giannantinio. Two pilots who must get along: ” they know each other very well. They have already raced in the Moto3 category for Gresini . in 2016 and they also rode mini motorcycles together. The careers took place in parallel “.

We want to do it right and we have everything to do it right »Uncovering Carlo Merlinic. ” Enea impressed last season. I think in the last seven races he has always been in the top ten and in Misano he took two podiums. We expect him to continue his development, now that he has a new team and a more modern bike than last year. “.

He also has a lot of confidence in the newcomer: “ Diggia was really looking forward to the test. It was a dream of a lifetime, and probably every pilot’s dream. I told him he was thinking too much about MotoGP in 2021, but overall he had a really good season and brought the Gresini Moto2 team back to victory and a string of podiums. We ask him not to rush anything. He must familiarize himself with and navigate the motorcycle “.

The Italian ends with what is undoubtedly the most important: the state of mind that has always prevailed within the structure Gresini : ” the first test was in motion. It was the beginning of a new chapter for Gresini Racing, because we had to start without Fausto and not ride Aprilia anymore, but Ducati’s. The absolute plan is to build transparently on the past. We don’t want to change things, even if they won’t be the way they used to be. But when it comes to the team profile, we just want to go ahead and get things done like before. And he concludes at speed week: It’s going to be a very nice and exciting season Which will start on March 6 with the first race in Qatar.

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