MotoGP Casey Stoner: “It will take time for Marc Marquez to get back into shape physically and mentally” – MotoGP


Casey Stoner is investigating the Marc Marquez and Honda cases at the end of the year, which will leave a question mark on the date of the eight-time world champion’s resumption of activity in the next year. The recovering right arm has been forgotten since a diplopia that Mother Nature will deal with at her own pace. A situation where we don’t know whether to be happy or not. But in absolute terms, the double Australian World Champion already believes there will be negative consequences, which he identifies as such…

Casey Stoner reflected on the wounds that Marc Marquez been collecting for a while. An unhealthy series, even for a phenomenon like the official Honda : ” Injuries are an integral part of running. But I think it was easy for me and Marc to put that thought aside “Said the Australian, who made way for the Spaniard at Repsol-Honda at the end of 2012.” We all make mistakes, we all attack too hard and fall. It’s part of the race. You try to get the most out of yourself and the bike. You have to learn from it and not repeat those mistakes. It’s the most important ” marked stoner.

If I fell during practice, nothing prevented me from taking off on the second bike again. If the settings were similar, I could usually go faster because I knew where I was making mistakes. He remembers. ” I never worried. Of course I never wanted to fall, but my own mistakes didn’t throw me off “.

Sure, but…” Marc’s situation is different “, precisely stoner. ” He had a long recovery with many complications. Of course this has an effect. It will take some time before he is back in good physical and mental condition.. People still underestimate the time it takes to get back in shape physically “.

Marc Marquez: “the hardest way is to get back to the top

Muscles break down so quickly when not used Says Stoner, adding: ” There is no substitute for riding a MotoGP machine, no matter how hard you train. Not even a superbike comes close “. He even insists: ” if you don’t ride, specific muscles don’t develop either. This takes time “. The two-time world champion saves the best for last on motorsport total: ” but it’s not just the physical consequences that are a problem. Then there’s the fear of getting hurt like that again. It’s hard to imagine what Marc has to go through “.

For the mind, time will tell the extent of damage when picked up, but before it picked up again, it was said: Marc Marquez to stay calm. If we follow the reasoning of stoner, this inactivity outside a MotoGP will be to his detriment. The Spaniard commented on his situation on DAZN: “ I’ve reached the top, now comes the hardest way to get back to the top. In any athletic career, teveryone has had depression. The most important thing in a sports career is to avoid roller coasters “. This is exactly what the pilot is currently experiencing Honda.

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