MotoGP Ducati did the opposite of Honda: “we have different riding styles, we don’t have to work in one direction” – MotoGP


It is clear that when we assess the forces that will be present in MotoGP at the end of this 2021 season, the balance is clearly tilted on the side of Ducati. In fact, it’s a historic turning point when we consider that not too long ago the Desmosedici was the bike of just one rider, Casey Stoner. Today it is ridden by six champions, of which there will be two more in 2022, who have different riding styles and have the same chances of climbing the podium. Meanwhile, Honda is nothing without Marc Marquez and Yamaha wouldn’t be much without Fabio Quartararo. Gigi Dall’Igna, who helped the Italian manufacturer do so, drinks whey when he sees his bets turn out to be successful. And that’s three…

roll a Ducati wasn’t really popular with the paddock pilots a few seasons ago, but it’s clear that for the next one, everyone will want one or about the same. A situation that makes you laugh Jack Miller, who has known the days of lean cows, and who has had one for eight years submerges, Andrea Dovizioso. But with the craftsman of this reversal who is… Gigi Dall’Igna, the same situation unleashes a broad smile that does not hide his goatee.

The essential Ducati Corse has identified its three fulcrums that have enabled it to climb to the top. First of all, there is technical courage. From the ailerons to the rear deflector to the take-off aid that is now an on-demand trim leveler, there’s nothing to say that the Borgo Panigale builder has changed the approach to developing a motorcycle and forced its competitors to return to their precious studies. Devices that had only one purpose: ” if you start from the front, it’s much easier to make a good strategy, that’s the key to the race He said. ” We’ve been working hard to find a way to get off to a good start “.

Ducati: “a good motorcycle should allow the rider to use his machine as he pleases

We started two years ago with a very simple idea and every six months we added something new to improve our system. There are circuits where it is very important, others where it is not so important “Adds Dall’Igna. ” The only problem is that the regulations in this sector are very strict and allow us to use only mechanical systems, not electronics. In the beginning it was not easy to find a way to make it work “.

And it works so well these days that all opponents have come to it. So much for the technology. But there is also the human aspect: “ we started working with all these young riders, I think it was something important, they have a different spirit. They are the ones who force me to do better Ducati Corse CEO told And in this elite group, there is one element that stands out, and that appears as the third element: ” it is clear that Pecco Bagnaia has a different riding style than other Ducati riders. It is very special, because it uses 100% front tire “.

Dall’Igna ends his demonstration with a very significant conclusion when one compares the situation of the Italian clan with that of the Japanese rivals: ” at Ducati we have different riding styles, I don’t think they go wrong if they work in one direction. A good bike should give the rider the flexibility to use his machine however he wants and I think our bike can do that at the moment. The Ducati no longer scares pilots “. A feeling that is now widely shared in the paddock by pilots of other brands…

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