MotoGP Fabio Quartararo: “When I get on the bike I become a killer” – MotoGP


Fabio Quartararo, who entered the history of French motorcycling as the first Tricolor MotoGP World Champion, is known as a likeable young man, at ease in his time and consensual. From his Yamaha team to his manager Eric Mahé, we commend this side “ideal son-in-law” who does not need to find an enemy to excel in his art. On the contrary, for example from a Valentino Rossi. However, there is another Fabio Quartararo that will be revealed once the helmet visor is lowered…

The year 2021 is coming to an end and it will be marked forever in the life of a Fabio Quartararo only old 22 year as that of the highest title in the main engine speed category. The pinnacle of a career. Or at least the end of an important first phase that opens other horizons and conquests. Because the Frenchman has already indicated that he does not want to leave it at that. He legitimately wants to improve his record, with or without Yamaha.

in the paddock, Fabio Quartararo Basically knows no enemy, which also makes sense since he isn’t looking for one either. However, the environment in which it operates is not that of care bears. At some point, and to excel in an art where the competition is all the more intense because the level is excellent, you have to grit your teeth. And the French do it, even if of course you can’t see it behind a full-face helmet…

Fabio Quartararo: “I change my personality when I get on the bike

Spotted in an interview by Le Figaro, Fabio Quartararo reveals his second personality with surprising words from a boy we are used to seeing so polite… ” You can’t start the race by telling yourself you’re the right one He said. ” I change my personality when I get on my bike. I’m gonna be a killer, without it you can’t be a world champion “.

He even adds: ” a man standing in front of me, it’s not normal “. Surrounded daily by his family and friends, Quartararo does not forge any bond with the other pilots in the paddock: ” respect, yes. Friends, no “. A franchise that shows that too Fabio Quartararo is an honest guy.

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