MotoGP Johann Zarco is a Petrucci fan: “Hi Danilo, I’m following you with interest. It’s great that you won!” – MotoGP


Johann Zarco is one of many Grand Prix riders who followed the continued performance of a Danilo Petrucci who entered Dakar history through the front door. An event radically different from its hitherto natural environment, consisting of a tidy paddock and tracks that best meet draconian safety standards and where there is no risk of getting lost. Despite this big gap, Petrux found the recipe to win a fifth stage that will go down in history. The two-time Moto2 World Champion is keeping a close eye on this and gives his analysis here…

Danilo Petrucci said, after his exploit at Dakar after pocketing a podium, he never stopped answering the phone to his former MotoGP colleagues who expressed their genuine admiration for him. Even the retiree Valentino Rossic made the news. Johann zarco, for its part, did not limit itself to a few encouraging words. He really studies the course of Petrux: “ I follow Danilo’s walk carefully » The tricolor responds to GPOne.

Johann Zarco: “I was a bit worried about his Dakar adventure

Because I am interested and I was also a bit worried about his Dakar adventure. I’m happy to see his videos, I follow his posts on social media. He’s doing great things right now, he doesn’t seem to be in too much pain and doesn’t even seem in as much danger as I thought he was. Probably the structure behind him helps him to be technically prepared “.

As a MotoGP rider you are ready to adapt to different situations, because the intensity of a MotoGP season is amazing, you learn a unique ability to concentrate »Adds the person personally involved in the training of young French champions with the FFM. ” Knowing some anecdotes about the Dakar, I was a little concerned because without experience it can be dangerous. But for now everything is under control. Hi Danilo, I’m following you with interest: it’s great that you were able to win “He ends.

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