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Jorge Lorenzo indulged in a little secret about the epilogue of a career marked by five world titles, including three with Yamaha in MotoGP. A category that he could no longer dominate once he got out of his M1. There was certainly the good passage at Ducati, but it came too late for the decision makers. The rest took place at Honda, a twilight turning into the epilogue of a journey that officially made him join the legends. However, it was not the lack of results that made Por Fuera decide to abandon his match. This is an event that took place in Assen in 2019…

Jorge Lorenzo recalls the end of his career in an interview with Motosan. The one who got the nickname Iron Man during his early years in MotoGP, marked by spectacular falls and equally extraordinary recovery periods, he had become somewhat less susceptible to blows as he reached his thirties: already at 30, 31 or 32 you become more careful and I noticed that he says. ” More than any fall, any fall with a serious injury, it’s like a stone being added to your mental backpack full of negative experiences. They make you more careful when faced with the same circumstances that made you fall and injure yourself “.

Jorge Lorenzo:without this fall I would have continued at Honda

But without a doubt, the fall of the Dutch Grand Prix 2019 was decisive in making the decision to drop the charges. A physical and moral blow that caused him to rethink his future and eventually convinced him it was time to retire. ” Without a doubt I would have continued at Honda without this fall “, he admits.

We will remember that Jorge Lorenzo was rescued from this accident with a fracture of the sixth and eighth vertebrae. “ This accident marked a turning point to say you can get really hurt in this sport. Is it worth wasting the next 20, 30, or 40 years of my life trying to win a few more races or a few more titles? “Concludes the five-time champion. Obviously at this level of the competition, asking this question already answers it…

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