MotoGP Jorge Lorenzo confides: “in 2018 I fell into a little depression” – MotoGP


Jorge Lorenzo has finished his career as a professional pilot and that is not quite right. Of course, Por Fuera is a five-time world champion with many victories, but he has also had difficult times. Physically, he was not spared the injuries. But what is less well known is that in 2018 he went through a major mental breakdown. The Majorcan even thinks he has fallen into a minor depression. He was an official Ducati at the time and it was for his win over Mugello that completely revived him…

Prior to this Italian Grand Prix, Jorge Lorenzo was a very well paid driver, but the expected results were not there. Meanwhile, the teammate Andrea Dovizioso took the lead within a factory Ducati whose boss had just announced that he would part from the Spaniard at the end of the season… Enough to have the blues with the pilot in red: ” at that moment I understood that I was without a bike even though I had the best time of my entire career. I have good memories of the two years of Ducati, maybe the only bad one is for Mugello where I fell into a little depression “.

On Todocircuito we can read the rest of his interview on DAZN as part of the report “Yo Piloto”: ” everything was negative i just wanted to sleep. I don’t know if it was a depression or a mini-depression, but it all looked very sad. I was very depressed “.

Jorge Lorenzo: “sport has become more methodical and perfectionist

Jorge Lorenzo take advantage of this moment to point out that the change of generations and the professionalization of competition have led to a significant change in the pilot’s personality and mentality: ” the sport has become more methodical and perfectionistic: either you are obsessed and immersed in this world, or you can’t fight with the best in the world He said.

Finally, the former pilot emphasized that it is necessary to have a very organized mind in order not to be overwhelmed by the events that can take place on or off the track: “ the same rider and the same person can perform best when he is mentally and physically confident and when he is good with the bike and the team. When it all comes together, you can be much better than others. Otherwise, you’ll be the last to notice. It’s MotoGP and sport », concludes Jorge Lorenzo.

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