MotoGP Lin Jarvis warns of electric: “motorcycle industry is not in the same place as car industry” – MotoGP


Lin Jarvis is a Managing Director at Yamaha who, like all his colleagues, sees the world change. It is already being called next on the basis of a health crisis that has upset reports and organizations. But the one that looms in the next decade will be completely new to the auto and motorcycle industry. Because we want to take away their thermal heart for electric batteries. Only here it is not certain whether the transplant is as easy by motorcycle as by car. Lin Jarvis explains why and sees a hybrid solution instead…

The future will be electric and there is no other way out if we are to believe the 180° turnaround that an auto industry has taken that would similarly sell cell phones. And for the motorcycle, with its passion side that has always accompanied its character of freedom? It was she who revolutionized mobility long before the concept became a topic of discussion to make it interesting. Our leaders firmly believe that battery is the right thing to do. But other ideas are being suggested.

that of Lin Jarvis deserve, for example, that we dwell on it. And in the first place because he speaks on behalf of Yamaha : ” the six MotoGP manufacturers have just signed new five-year contracts with Dorna » remarks the Englishman. ” We assume that the 1,000cc four-cylinder engines will remain more or less unchanged until the end of 2026.. But we’re studying the use of synthetic fuels, so our industry is thinking about how we can use more environmentally friendly fuels. These conversations had already taken place in the summer of 2021 between MSMA members with Dorna “.

Lin Jarvis: “I expect combustion engines in motorcycles to be produced for longer

When it comes to combustion, the motorcycle industry is not in the same place as the car industry. That’s why I expect combustion engines in motorcycles to be produced longer Jarvis advances at Speedweek. “ with two-wheelers, it’s a matter of battery space, weight, cost and many other reasons. That is why the number of electric motorcycles in road traffic cannot already be compared with the number of electric cars. “.

Sure, but in these times we have to come up with an interim solution: ” This doesn’t mean motorcycle manufacturers aren’t thinking about climate protection. Yamaha is well aware of this problem and this summer decided on an environmental strategy to reduce CO2 emissions by 2050. So we have a plan for the coming decades that should also follow motorcycling. But the sport is also linked to the production of production motorcycles and aims to promote our sales of motorcycles. As I said, factories talk about this topic, which is important to Dorna and important to us as a manufacturer. “.

It is remembered that the Grands Prix have a category MotoE reserved for electric propulsion. In 2023 it will be a great manufacturer, in this case Ducati, who will equip the board.

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