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Doubts are allayed and concerns are raised about a Marc Marquez returning to the spotlight after an icy winter’s lull. During today’s Honda presentation, he went into detail about this again frightening and complicated period that started with his double vision in early October. The eight-time world champion talks about it, but he also remembers the condition of his right arm as a training program is set up to mark his trip to the Sepang tests in three weeks. However, he has not yet confirmed his presence there…

Marc Marquez gave his first press conference since the accident he suffered while training his enduro motorcycle at Cervera in late October An accident that ended in another episode of double vision that kept me away from a motorcycle until last Wednesday, when Marc returned to the wheel of his Honda motocross.

The eight-time world champion has been very positive in recent weeks and happy with the progress of his double vision and although he has confirmed his presence for the first run of the year at the circuit of Sepang from February 5 to 6, he refused a training program to try to get there. He will soon be driving a sports car on a track to tickle the 300 km/h…

He says : ” I’m happy after a few really tough weeks… On a Grand Prix track like Montmeló, Valencia, Jerez, Portimao… Repsol Honda is considering several options to test me there. If all goes well on a training day at 300 km/h, we will take the plunge to be able to participate in the tests in Malaysia. For now they are satisfied. We follow the same caution plan and get it right, without running more than necessary “.

The right arm is also better also takes care of Marc Marquez : ” if I focused more on my vision, we didn’t forget my shoulder, we continued to work. Now that it looks like the vision is returning, we’re going to pay a lot of attention to the shoulder this year. My top priority will be my physique, I will take care of that as best I can. I will try to surround myself with the best, who will give me the confidence to take care of this arm. He is in better shape now than at the end of the season, but we have to avoid irritation, possible problems. You should take advantage of the opportunity to ride a motorcycle and make a plan to be the best you can be all year round. “.

Marc Marquez: “mentally it was one of the hardest times of my career

It was not easy not to lead a normal life this winter… “ Mentally it was one of the hardest times of my career. It’s already the fourth winter like this, first it was the right shoulder, then the left, then the arm, and when it seemed like everything was better, another injury came. But in life you never know, and you have to be positive. It’s true it’s hard, it’s not something I wish on another pilot or another person to have that kind of feeling but now I’m getting better Since the injury my goal has always been to be in the first test or the first race looks like we’re on the right track but I’m going to have to test myself first on a high-speed track, the vision is something very serious, i will follow the doctors advice. I feel good, and that’s the most important thing now “.

Marc Marquez also explains that he is completely disconnected from his social networks and any outside influences: ” as we have already seen on social networks, I tried to forget the world, forget everything, live a normal life with my family and stay at home. I tried to forget what I was doing and what I had to do, especially the first few weeks. It is, of course, heavy and difficult, especially if you have a problem with your vision. After a month I could no longer lead a normal life. But when you ride a motorcycle again, the sensations are even better and it is more beautiful. That’s why I said I don’t wish this kind of trouble or injury to anyone, it’s a long time and everyone needs a passion in their life “.

He concludes by stating that he will continue to train with MX and Enduro bikes: the risk is always there but if you stay on the bench you will not take any risk and you will participate in all the races but you will not be the best in the world “. And let’s rest assured, Marc Marquez plans to remain so, even as competition in MotoGP has intensified.

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