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Family spirit is what Maverick Vinales wants in his professional environment and, especially since he has one now, from a personal point of view. Valentino Rossi wonders what fatherhood will change for him, but he can study the effects it had on his former teammate who now seems to have a different view of the world. Also on the objectives, or at least on the way to achieving them …

2021 will certainly have been a pivotal year for a Independent thinking person Vinales who has known big questions. In his career he was forced into a confrontational divorce with a factory Yamaha who registered him in the hitherto blank list of suspended pilots mid-season before contract termination. He found shelter with Aprilia constructor from which he rebuilt himself while shaping the RS-GP. And then, and perhaps most importantly, he experienced upheavals in his personal life, such as the dramatic death of a young pilot niece. Dean Berta Vinalesas well as the birth of her first child.

An emotional charge whose explosion was felt to the depths of his being. He said in comments spotted on having a family changed my priorities. When we have a family, we don’t think about tomorrow, we think about the long term. You cannot think from day to day. That’s how I often used to think, living life as it was, without thinking too much about the future Said the Top Gun.

An approach that also has an impact on her approach to the business: ” winning is good but i want to try something more. I want to feel like a team around me, that’s why I changed teams. I was moved by all this atmosphere, this passion, and I think if you go to a place where everyone is hungry, you go even faster “.

Maverick Vinales: “I want to be a champion, but I also want to do something special”

The reflection also happens more deeply on its environment: ” an Italian team is very different from a Japanese team. Honestly, I’ve always had a great relationship with the Japanese team, because I love the food, the culture, the places and how they are, so calm and systematic. It does the same to you. In addition, I needed a little more fire around me. A little more support on and off the bike. Finally I want to show many things and it was hard to do it there “.

In Noale’s factory team he found his friend Aleix Espargaró, with whom he had previously been a teammate Suzuki : ” Aleix was important to come here because I have a good relationship with him and we talk a lot when we take the plane together. But I think what decided me was more the atmosphere and the passion. It’s a fairly new brand, not new in racing history, but new to improve in MotoGP. In a way, I want to be part of this process, to bring a factory back to the top, like we’ve done in the past. It motivates me enormously. It’s a different challenge, but that’s what motivates me. I want to be a champion, but I also want to do something special “. It is all the evil that we wish him.

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