MotoGP Pecco Bagnaia: “Quartararo will be the man to beat, the great opponent to fight” – MotoGP


Pecco Bagnaia is arguably the vice world champion who has attracted the most attention in MotoGP in ages. However, he succeeds another academic of Valentino Rossi, Franco Morbidelli, as he pursues a result repeated three times in a row by another compatriot equipped in Ducati, in this case Andrea Dovizioso. But unlike the latter, the Moto2 World Champion fully adheres to Gigi Dall’Igna’s philosophy, while the entire brand stands behind him for a 2022 exercise expected to be big at Borgo Panigale…

Plus, if there’s one in a red jumpsuit that can withstand this pressure of finally having to materialize in a price list that hasn’t been updated since 2007, it’s good. Pecco Bagnaia. Ducati boss Claudio Domenicali so says of him: Pecco is the driver who has done the best in the second half of the season. It took him a long time to take the plunge in MotoGP, but after Aragòn he took the plunge. In reality, we saw that he was ready to win, but for some reason he couldn’t bring him home. He is a very nice boy, but when he walks into the garage he is very determined, just look in the eyes and you will see another face. He will play the title in 2022 “.

An evaluation for next season confirmed by Pecco: “ Fabio Quartararo has it, he won the title » He stated in an interview with La Stampa and passed on by GPOne. ” He will be the man to beat, the great adversary to fight. In 2021 I made mistakes, there were problems, none of which should be repeated. Moreover, Ducati never pressured me, there is harmony and I feel at home there “. An affection that motivates him even for the future: ” I hope this story can last a long time, I hope so “.

Pecco Bagnaia: “I always take a piece of normality with me

For Bagnaia, we are not saying that everything is open for 2023, on the contrary: we are happy where we are: within a compatriot manufacturer at a time when he seems to be able to field the best bike in Grand Prix. Enough to mobilize an entire nation. On this point, Bagnaia tries to calm the enthusiasm: ” I’m different from Stoner or Bayliss, but we are all pilots and we all have the same goal: to win. Running is certainly different from everyday life, talent is that kind of madness that allows you to give something more, it leads you to win “.

But since he talks about life, Bagnaia lifts the veil over his surroundings, secretly allowing us to enter his privacy:” Thanks to my friend Domitia, my parents and my sister Carola, I always bring a bit of normality with me. It’s something I need and that makes a difference because I have always been very attached to my family, it helps me to keep calm », he concluded.

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