MotoGP Pedro Acosta will follow Stoner’s advice: “The most important thing is to be prepared for MotoGP and try to win there” – MotoGP


Pedro Acosta is the young rider everyone will be following in this 2022 Grand Prix season. The 17-year-old Spaniard surprised the paddock last year by breaking open in a Moto3 he was discovering, but managed anyway. received. Now world champion, he can no longer go unnoticed and is already racing in Moto2 where he is expected around the corner. What if he did it again with a new crown as a rookie? He says what he thinks, but he also puts this vital issue into perspective thanks to an exchange he had with Casey Stoner that gave him some good advice…

said Casey Stoner said he would like to follow a young pilot to better participate in his breeding process. The two-time MotoGP world champion is not yet in these positions, but he shows a certain talent there if we are to believe the one everyone is designating as successor to Marc Marquez : Pedro Acosta.

In an interview with The Race broadcast by Motosan, the gold nugget of KTM this is how he remembers this conversation with the Australian that will apparently remain etched in his memory forever: ” he told me it’s not important to win in the small categories, the important thing is to be prepared for MotoGP and try to win there “.

Pedro Acosta:I’ve talked a lot with Stoner and I think his words will help meR”

In fact, he will not miss the stages, even if the opportunity has arisen to land in MotoGP earlier: “ I had the opportunity to go straight to MotoGP, but I thought I didn’t have to be in MotoGP in my second year in the World Championship. I think the two categories, Moto2 and Moto3, help you a lot. Moto2 teaches you to control the tyres, not to make mistakes, to try to have your own pace. This is the best step, the best opportunity, and we must do it “.

The point is, I’m already 17 and I still have a lot to learn. I think Moto2 will help me make fewer mistakes, be more focused and be a bit more professional. I think it is much better to arrive in MotoGP in a few years than directly from Moto3 “, he adds, and thus does not regret taking the path of a Jack Miller or a Darryn BindeR.

He ends with the one who took the time to give him the right food for thought: it’s good when an idol from your childhood comes to you. I felt like a god when Casey told me he was a fan of mine! I thought ‘this can’t be true!’ It was good, we talked a lot and I think his words will help me “.

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