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This Saturday, January 15, 2022, the official presentation of the MotoGP Gresini Racing team took place at its headquarters in Faenza, Italy.

After this one, Enea Bastianiniand the rookie Fabio Di Giannantonio answered questions from journalists, in English and Italian.

We went to listen (via teleconferencing software) to the words of a “bestiaCan’t wait to start testing at Sepang on February 5.

As usual, we report here the words of Enea Bastianini without any formatting, even if it is translated from English.

Enea Bastianini “The new colors of the bike are really special, when I first saw them it was very strange, but now that I see them live it’s fantastic. Such a beautiful engine can only go fast! In about 20 days we leave for the tests, which fortunately won’t be long, because I’m looking forward to it and can’t wait to get back on my Ducati. We already had the chance to get to know each other and work with the team in the first test, and I can say that I have a fantastic team. I think it’s going to be a really interesting season and I’m sure we’ll get some great results. I can’t wait to get started!
The expectations for this season are high, as the year saw us achieve two podium finishes, especially in the latter part of the season and I could think “Okay, I can also be competitive in MotoGP”. This year I have to improve because I learned a lot from the category last year, and now I have to be more consistent all season, just like in qualifying, because I think all my qualifying was a disaster (laughs). With this bike it will be easier for me to do a fast qualifying lap. »

How will your Ducati make qualifying easier compared to the GP 19 you used last year?
“You know, I’ve only used this bike once so far, in Jerez, but when I first used it I saw from the start that it was easier and more relaxed during the sessions. Also if you attack you can make your mistakes and end up not wasting too much time (laughs), and that’s important too. When I tried it, I also noticed more braking power and was able to brake later than with the GP19. There was also less movement. For qualifying, this is one of the keys.As soon as I started using the 2021 bike my feeling was better from the start.The Ducati genes are great for me, and you can also have more cornering speed and that’s important in racing to keep the tire , although I don’t think that’s my main problem in racing (laughter) I can’t wait to start the season!”

You’ve been teammates with Fabio Di Giannantonio before, but do you think you’ll help each other more this time than in the past?
“I think like Fabio. When you’re a rookie, especially in the first three or four races, it’s hard to understand the bike, especially because we have a lot of electronics compared to Moto3. The work inside the box is therefore completely different, but we have a good relationship and can drive very good races together. »

Last year you sometimes had a hard time physically: what did your physical winter preparation consist of?
“Yes, physical preparation is very important in MotoGP. I remember I didn’t feel so good halfway through last season, but then I understood what needs to happen in the winter to be more competitive in the championship, but it’s not just a physical question: you need to be better prepared mentally. Now I know the expectations for this year. »

What advice from Fausto Gresini do you keep in mind?
“Fausto was a very nice person, with a lot of spirit, also during the race weekends. But I saw the same spirit in Nadia, in Luca, in Lorenzo, and all the guys in the team are very motivated. We have excellent support from Ducati and these are the best conditions to start the season. It is a very beautiful family in which I have spent three years, but this is the first year without Fausto. I want to start the season for him and be in the best possible position for the whole team. »

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