MotoGP Raul Fernandez: we now know exactly what he is criticizing his Ajo team in 2021 – MotoGP


When Raul Fernandez concluded his first season in Moto2 so convincingly that it opened the doors of MotoGP to him, we were surprised to hear him make bitter comments about an Ajo team to whom he still owed a lot for being there. come. The team would not have supported him enough and thus would have sentenced him to vice world champion to his teammate Remy Gardner. The Spaniard, now a member of the Tech3 KTM structure, went on to explain his comments by swearing he wasn’t up against anyone. However, in this interview spotted on Motosan, we find out what hurt him in a way in 2021…

Raul Fernandez will make his MotoGP debut next year with the goal of becoming the best rookie in the category he ended up getting into quite quickly. A single season of Moto2 was enough for him to convince his employer for sure KTM who gave him every possible satisfaction not to let him slip in the direction of Yamaha. In this regard, it should be recalled that he has jeopardized the development of his younger brother’s career, and the latter will also Tech3 in 2022, but in Moto3.

Injured and in hospital, Raul Fernandez remembers that none of his team came to see him

But what happened in 2021 on ajo that Raul would be humanly disappointed? We find this out when asked about the personal environment to be managed during a career…” I have an environment that is very good at everything: he gives me advice, thinks about me a lot and that is what I rely on the most »» He starts before adding: « in the motorcycle world, the family is frowned upon. But my family brought me here, why shouldn’t they get involved? The family is still there, when you fall and break your arm at 10 a.m. or when you break your arm at 8 p.m….they will always be there “.

Then he drops the number: ” when I was in the hospital, only my family and my manager came. I didn’t meet anyone from the team and I was in Barcelona. It is difficult. It’s not to attack the team, far from it, but it’s to show you who’s there when you’re in trouble. And the absent, they say, are always wrong.

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