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On February 5, MotoGP will open fiscal year 2022 with highly anticipated off-season testing in Sepang. Blame the Ducati factory, which so dominated the past campaign that it looks set to become the scarecrow of the next financial year. The competition is even afraid of losing their pants and seeing their drivers run to Borgo Panigale, hoping to get a job there. The Italians drink whey after years of drinking the chalice to the bottom and are increasing the pressure by promising another grand cru in this vintage. Here’s a view from those who put their opponents in the red…

To understand the crisis in which the five other brands involved in MotoGP are facing the sixth, namely: Ducati, we have to remember the numbers for 2021. These designate the GP21 as the best bike on the grid. The Constructors’ title would be enough to prove it, but other numbers show how the Desmosedici was a benchmark for everyone last season. To understand how fast a motorcycle is, it is said not to look at the results of your best rider, but secondly, in this sense at Borgo Panigale, there is only the shame of choice…

in 2021 Ducati has won 7 victories, ie more than a third of the total, but above all it placed 3 different drivers on the top step of the podium: Bagnaia, Martin and Miller. Looking at the 24 podiums acquired on 54 available, it’s even better, with 5 different tokens, out of 6 in total, reaching the target. Added to the first 3 Zarco and Bastianini, the latter with an updated 2019 version, a sign that the Desmosedici is a benchmark for the category. Even during the launched lap, Borgo Panigale’s rocket makes the difference with 11 pole positions of 18 and 3 different pilots who can launch from the first block. If we then look at the first rows, all pilots started at least once from this position.

Ducati and Sepang: “our engineers always know how to conjure great things out of their hats

And what does 2022 have in store for us? A corner of the veil was lifted during the off-season testing jerez and it is quite exciting for fans of the brand. For the sequel to Sepang, in less than a month, Paolo Ciabatti said : ” After engine development was halted for two years and therefore had to run with the same engine specifications in 2020 and 2021, most manufacturers are certainly considering further engine developments said the Ducati sporting director, adding Motorsport total: This also applies to us “.

We will of course take everything we have learned during this successful 2021 season to heart for the new season. “. Ciabatti don’t forget to talk about the expected progress in aerodynamics and other areas. Ducati has been a pioneer for many years, especially in the field of aerodynamics. What Bologna has to offer for 2022 remains to be seen. Ciabatti put it this way: “ if you already have a very competitive bike it is of course difficult to improve it. Normally, however, our engineers always manage to pull great things out of their hats so that the bike gets one step better year after year. Meanwhile the others run to catch up Ducati.

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