MotoGP: The VR46 team does not get money from the Saudis but from Italy’s Mooney – MotoGP


For the men of Valentino Rossi who have gathered under the banner of VR46, this is the end of a painful hoax that confirms that what is promised on the side of Saudi Arabia is indeed a tale of a thousand and one nights . It will be remembered that when the project of a full VR46 MotoGP team with the latest Ducati in it was announced, millions of euros would be paid by a prince of this kingdom in the box dear to the doctor, with projects of pharaonic attachments. Voices went up, including among interested Aramco, to warn that all this remained very uncertain. Today it is official that the saga about the Saudi oil company Aramco and Tanal Entertainment is finally over.

the saudi prince was a mirage and his ambitions showed until a promise of first terms rested on sand. ‘s VR46 team Valentino Rossic in MotoGP never a penny will touch a kingdom that looks like a mirror to the larks. In the summer, when the VR46 brand was announced for promotion in MotoGP, it was said that Saudi oil company Aramco would sponsor the race team through a company called Tanal Entertainment Group. It was just a forgery.

Mooney to become main sponsor of VR46 in 2022

However, nothing is lost as a plan B has been implemented with Italian funding. The VR46 team has announced that the Italian payment service provider mooney will become main sponsor in 2022. As a title sponsor, the company name is officially included in the team name. “Under the agreement, the new team name will be Mooney VR46 Racing Team and will be used on all team images, including motorcycles and rider suits and in all official communicationsthe press release said.

mooney will not only be active as a sponsor of the Tavullia team in the premier class, but will also be on board as a title sponsor in Moto2. Further details are to follow and are expected to be revealed on January 3rd.

It will be remembered that Marco Bezzecchi and the half brother of Valentino Rossic, Luca Marini, will be the pilots of this new adventure in 2022. In testing after last season’s final, the team that took over the starting positions from Avintia Racing took part in the premier class under its own flag for the first time.

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