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Marc Marquez reassures and Honda also with this video in which the eight-time world champion gets back on a motorcycle. And not just any one: a motocross enough to do, for a very violent exercise for those who suffer from double vision. The message is meant to be clear: this is an important step towards Sepang testing and solid preparation for the 2022 season…

Hope it lasts! It’s a good trend that happens to us from Honda with this release with a Marc Marquez back to work on the bike. These were days of great anxiety that sparked much discussion about Marc Marquez’s condition. The Spaniard kept quiet and Honda said little about the overall medical situation. But with this approach, we find the smile.

The Japanese MotoGP team has indeed reported that Marc Marquez was finally back on the bike. Last Monday, the Spaniard apparently received a visit from Dr Sanchez Dalmau, who reportedly saw an improvement in his double vision. The ophthalmologist even confirmed a marked improvement in vision of the eight-time world champion.

Marc Marquez attacks directly with motocross

Thanks to this progress, the team pilot Repsol Honda had a motorcycle license and it was motocross, the most demanding discipline possible in the world of two wheels, which was chosen by Marquez and his team. After an absence of three months, the Spanish rider resumed activity at the Ponts (Lleida) circuit. After several runs, his sensations and feelings on the bike were more than optimistic. The next step for Marquez is to drive on the asphalt track…

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