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They say happy people have no history and Fabio Quartararo was filled in 2021 by becoming MotoGP world champion. But he belies the adage, because before he got there, he knew some of these stories. A Grand Prix season is always full of them. So he returns to a strange feeling, to a disappointment and also to an event that left him indifferent when he shook the walls of the Yamaha booth …

Fabio Quartararo also felt the pain of compartment syndrome in Jerez, but he knew that pain. In contrast to this feeling of driving 340 km/h with the open combination… ” It was a super strange feeling because you’re not used to riding on 340 with an open suit. But I didn’t think about how it could hurt me. All I wanted was to secure the podium, finish… But I admit it was a bit dangerous, especially on the straight. When I lay down on the tank, I burned a lot, It was very hot ! And when I got up under braking it was a very strange feeling because the air entered me from all parts of the suit… I had a lot of pressure on my neck, and it was very hard to bear, especially when braking “.

Fabio Quartararo: “I was focused on my goal and I was very clear: to win the title

The Frenchman also has regret in mind and it is Portimo. He fell on the calendar during this second encounter with the Portuguese route, having scored at all Grands Prix up to that point… He was the only one on the starting grid to maintain this pace: “ In Portimao it wasn’t that I was not focused, but of course I had just realized my long awaited dream, and maybe unconsciously i wasn’t 100%. But because the best was over, I thought that in this race I could enjoy a lot and give the maximum … but it didn’t end like that “.

Fabio has also witnessed the tense situations in the team Yamaha, due to the disturbances caused by the storm between Vinales and the brand: ” Maverick had worked at Yamaha for many years. But at the end of the day, this is all very personal, and I don’t like to get involved Said the Frenchman on solomoto. ” Vinales had some problems with the bike this year. He asked for certain things, and Yamaha didn’t have them. Deep down I didn’t care, but not because of what happened to him, or because of his requests, but what was happening around me, because I was focused on my goal and I was very clear: to win the title. But to be honest it didn’t bother me that much “.

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