MotoGP will produce a nine-episode series on Valentino Rossi’s career


Valentino Rossi has left MotoGP as a rider but will remain in the paddock from next season onwards. In an effort to step back in time and recall some of the most recognizable moments in the career of the nine-time world champion, will be releasing a set of nine episodes on the career of Valentino Rossi.

The objective will not be to make a biography or a simple collection of the best moments, but to show what happened with a correct contextualization of some of the most memorable moments of #46’s career, combined with sharing the testimonies of those who know ‘The best’. Doctor’. Altogether, more than 30 exclusive interviews will be gathered where there will also be revelation of hitherto unknown versions.

Although much has been said about several moments where #46 was one of those involved, the focus will be on sharing a different view of what happened and, above all, remembering what Rossi did in sport with the proper ‘help’ from his opponents on track.

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