MotoGP without Marc, Alex defends the Marquez family honor: he runs 10km in 53’21 minutes – MotoGP


At the Marquez, we are once again preparing for an offseason and maybe even the start of the season to once again have to react to the health of the older Marc. A grueling exercise for the cadet Alex that may even be said about returning under the Repsol colors who are currently building all possible plans in case we have to do without the eight-time world champion…

The same rumor also says that there would be water in the gas between Honda and Marc Marquez recovering, this time from double vision. We know that the topic of the second driver in the official team is hot. Fabio Quartararo and Joan Miro are focused on the post while Jorge Martin is aware … What is certain, since official, is that Marc Marquez will not be in the presentation Honda tomorrow January 14.

This uproar clearly reaches his brother Alex who is on the front lines in terms of a communication that continues to limit the winged crest. To rid himself of this vice, he dashed off in a footrace called Fita973 that took place in Cervera.

The Marquez family got divorced again this winter

The identification 973 is of course no coincidence: the number corresponds to the telephone number of the province of Lleida and contains the starting numbers of the brothers. marking (93 and 73) of the World Motorcycling Championship. The event was organized in collaboration with the brothers’ fan clubs, with Estrella Galicia and Allianz, two personal sponsors of Marc and Alex.

After the terrain accident of 30 October and the accompanying visual impairment, Marc Marquez only recently did he post a pre-season training photo via his social media, but he still had to do without the running event in his home country. The usual competition between brothers marking on the training sessions around Cervera, won by Alex in 2019 and 2020, has been canceled this year. Alex Marquez nevertheless did well and covered the 10 kilometers in 53’21 minutes, placing him 4th in the general classification of this distance. Not bad, but the hardest thing happens…

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