Nieto, Roberts, Rossi, Márquez: Successful families


When you think about which family has the most GP victories, Roberts, Rossi and Marquez also come into play. But the Nietos were more successful.

Not only since Alex Márquez’s Moto2 GP victory at the Japanese GP in Motegi and brother Marc’s second place there in the MotoGP class has been the discussion about which family is the most successful in motorcycle GP sport. If you ask around experts, contradicting answers come to light.

Even the Agostini family has to be taken into account, they are the most successful, you can read. In addition to the great Giacomo (122 GP victories, 15 world championship titles), Dulio Agostini was also named. But it has the disadvantage of not being related to “Ago nazionale” at all… ..And Ago’s brother Felice never made it onto the podium in the 350 World Championship.

Father and son Kenny Roberts are also out of the question for being called the most successful GP family. “King Kenny” won the 500 World Championship in 1978, 1979 and 1980 with a Yamaha, his son “Little Kenny” triumphed in the half-liter class in 2000 with a Suzuki. But with a total of four World Cup titles, the Californian duo is far behind in the hit list.

If we rank the number of world championship titles in the first place in the GP successes because of their importance, the Nieto family comes in first at the finish line. Angel Nieto, who died in an accident in August at the age of 70 on Ibiza, won 13 world championship titles alone. But the Márquez brothers meanwhile have already won ten titles!

Valentino Rossi has won nine world titles, Papa Graziano none. In the Márquez family, Marc has won eight titles so far (1x 125 cc, 1x Moto2, 6x MotoGP), brother Alex two – in the Moto3 class in 2014, in Moto2 in 2019.

The most successful family in GP victories remains Rossi with a total of 118 triumphs, if you do not take Agostini into account, because his brother Felice never played a role in the World Cup.

Valentino Rossi has won 115 Grands Prix, Graziano three.

At Nieto, Papa Ángel has captured 90 GP victories, son Pablo one and nephew Fonsi five, a total of 96. Son Ángel «Gelete» Junior did not win.


Angel Nieto
90 GP victories
13 world titles
139 podium places

Pablo Nieto (son)
1 GP victory
8 podium places

Fonsi Nieto (nephew)
5 GP victories
10 podium places


Valentino Rossi
9 world titles
115 GP victories
235 podium places

Graziano Rossi

3 GP victories
5 podium places


Marc Marquez
8 world titles
85 GP victories
138 podium places

Alex Marquez
2 world titles
12 GP victories
40 podium places

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