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In the vast majority of cases, the athletes who are the subject of our articles share their religious beliefs, their political sympathies or even in general their opinion on any subject other than sports.

Of course, since the appearance of social networks, the current trend is to share part of his life with his fans and some pilots have gradually made it a specialty, posting daily, mainly on Instagram, but everyone puts the cursor from his private life wherever he wants and in general the personal opinions of pilots are as absent from the internet as the waves on a pond on a calm summer night …

However, the Covid-19 seems to be the subject that has undermined this neutrality worthy of our Swiss friends, primarily with Johann zarco. On two or three occasions, the Frenchman expressed some doubt about the veracity of the global politico-medical discourse (doubts we can find in some of his daily debriefings) before deciding to keep his beliefs to himself and to stop reporting to the press .

Then came Xavier Simeon
For a little over a year now, the friendly Belgian pilot of the Yoshimura SERT team has been splitting up Twitter first his questions and then gradually his outspoken beliefs about overall vaccine policy. Today the winter break is mandatory, his report with the blue bird contains many more words from Florian Philippot and Fabrice Di Vizio than direct or indirect information about his professional activity. At least we know what he’s thinking…

It is a fact, and we have no opinion on the merits of this originality, which nevertheless raises a more general question: in today’s world of hypercommunication, the personal publications of a professional pilot must remain completely free or be subject to a certain reticence on certain so-called sensitive and divisive topics, such as politics or religion, but also major social debates?

As a reminder, the Grand Prix riders have all made a written commitment to Dorna Sports not to damage the image of the MotoGP championship. As for their team, this is on a case by case basis, but most contracts also contain a clause to that effect. Hence a generally always measured communication, even positive. That’s how it is in Formula 1, and it hasn’t stopped Lewis Hamilton to bring the light to the “Black Live Matter” movement first with pliers and then with the agreement of the sports authorities …

So, Xavier Simeon Will an isolated case in the motorcycle world be spared until then, or will we ever see opinions appear on social networks or even on the stages?

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