Pol Espargaro changes MotoGP pre-season


Pol Espargaro learned a few lessons from Marc Marquez in his first year as a teammate. At Repsol-Honda, the Spaniard was able to analyze exactly what his compatriot is doing differently. One of the things Espargaro realized was that he had to adjust his training in winter to be as prepared as possible for the next season with the Honda RC213V.

Instead of extensive units in the weight room, Espargaro wants to train more on the motorcycle to train his senses. “As a team-mate from Marquez, I now understand better which techniques he uses to be so fast. I now understand why he trains so and why he does certain things,” explains the former Moto2 world champion.

“In the past few years when I rode for KTM, I had a different training method in winter. I only trained very little on the motorcycle and also did little for my endurance. I concentrated on muscle training,” said Espargaro in an interview with ‘ Motorsport-Total.com ‘back.

“A year ago I trained more intensely with the motocross machine and this year I want to intensify the flat-track training. When I see how Marc works, I think that it could be of great benefit to me,” said Espargaro.

Espargaro can use a special motorcycle for training on the big Grand Prix slopes. While most other riders only drive slightly modified superbikes, Espargaro can fall back on the MotoGP replica from Honda. “I’m lucky to have an RC213V-S. It’s kind of a little MotoGP machine,” he says.

Espargaro is currently traveling in Portugal. The Spaniard has set up camp in Portimao and is training with the Supermoto machine and with his Honda MotoGP replica.

With images from Motorsport Images.

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