Ramon Forcada: His opinion on the Viñales move


Crew chief Ramon Forcada worked in his career with Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo, but also with Maverick Viñales. Forcada talks about Yamaha’s separation from Viñales in an interview.

So far, Ramon Forcada has said little about the split from Maverick Viñales. The crew chief now commented on the difficult end of his former protégé at Yamaha.

As a reminder: After the pilot from Spain had repeatedly brought the engine in Spielberg to the rev limiter and wanted to destroy it willfully, the Japanese manufacturer initially suspended its driver. Later it was terminated and Viñales switched to Aprilia. There he got eleven points. Due to the premature departure of Yamaha, he also lost a large part of the 6.5 million euro fee for the 2021 season plus the salary for the 2022 season.

His record at Yamaha: Viñales took eight wins, stood on the podium 24 times and took two third places in the overall World Championship in four and a half years.

Forcada says in an interview with Motorsport.es: “I like drivers who give up something because they don’t like it.” The technician is alluding to Casey Stoner. Forcada worked with the Australian at LCR-Honda. Later, at the age of just 26, Stoner announced his resignation for personal reasons.

“There are people who remain bitter because of the money, their ego or whatever. There are others who aren’t and just quit. With Casey, it was the case that he turned his back on the World Cup, even though he had a contract of 12 million euros on the table, ”Forcada recalls. “I thought his decision was great. He, but also Maverick, are in a position to make their own decisions. They can be right or wrong, but I like it better when they make their own decisions to find their balance rather than listening to other people. “

After a short break, during which the waves smoothed out, Viñales signed on with Aprilia. There he earns significantly less. The environment seems to suit him more, he recently confirmed. Forcada, on the other hand, is cautious: “We’ll see how he is there. But for me it has a certain value that he has made his own decision and so far it has not upset him. “

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