Raúl Fernández: “Quartararo went up to MotoGP without winning before, that’s the example”


That of Raul Fernandez (Madrid, 10/23/2000) is being a meteoric race. He made his World Championship debut with an invitation at the 2016 Valencia GP, finishing 11th. The next two seasons he played three and four races, respectively, with a ninth-place finish at Germany 2018 as the best result. In his second full year in the championship (2020) he achieved two victories and climbed to the podium four times, remaining 15 points behind the champion and making the leap to Moto2, a maneuver at that time unexpected. As much as it has been, after just one year in the intermediate class, his leap to MotoGP.

But his eight victories, an absolute record for a rookie, and twelve podiums in his first course in Moto2 guarantee his arrival in the premier class, despite the fact that he does so without having won any championship along the way, as great champions did before, such as Casey stoner or Fabio Quartararo.

“Life goes by stages, there were people a year ago who told me that they were crazy to get on Moto2 and look at the end of the results I have obtained,” he explains Raul Fernandez in an exclusive interview with Motorsport.com.

“In 2020 I was 15 points away from winning the Moto3 World Championship, this year I was only four from the Moto2 title, I am being regular”, justifies the promotion.

“You have to look at the example of Fabio, who seeing his passage through the other categories, without winning anything, people said he was crazy to get into MotoGP, and today he is world champion and everyone applauds him. In the end you are guided by what you feel and if everyone around me, my team, KTM and I have decided to be here today, it is because all of us, together, have believed that it is the best option for my sports career and my future ” , argues the new pilot of Tech3-KTM.

Although he does not consider that he has to justify his decision, Raúl does not miss that everything is going very fast in his life and that he must assimilate the step taken.

“The truth is that I still don’t believe it, I see myself dressed in the colors of my new MotoGP team, something you always dream of, getting here, but it’s hard to assimilate,” he admits.

“When the lists of next year’s riders were published a few days ago and I saw myself alongside names like Marc Márquez, Maverick, Aleix or Pol Espargaró, the truth is that you don’t believe it, it’s something very nice. I have to assimilate and live it, and above all prepare very well. Everything I have done this year has been thinking about competing in Moto2. Neither physically nor psychologically I have yet prepared to compete in MotoGP next year ”, he acknowledges.

In addition to Raúl, four other riders will arrive at MotoGP next season: Remy gardner, Fabio Di Giannantonio, Marco Bezzecchi Y Darryn binder, so being the rookie of the year is already an ambitious goal for any of them.

The Madrilenian outlines a slight smile when asked if he has already begun to think about it.

“Yeah right… we all like to think about those things. The first objective is to fight with Remy and show, or see, who is the best in the same conditions ”, he points out.

“This year he was fighting with an advantage that was the experience of having six seasons in Moto2, an experience that I lacked, and we have been fighting all year until the last corner of the last race. That I think will be my main objective: to overcome my teammate and above the boy with whom I have played the World Cup until the last race, (Gardner) is going to be my main rival and first objective ”, says the boy from San Martin de la Vega.

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