Special: Honda CBX engine comes back to life [Vidéo] – MotoGP


Ah, the thrill of flipping through the motorcycle ads. Sometimes it’s just to see what’s there. Other times, finding your next project is a real mission: the kind of research where half the fun isn’t knowing what you’re going to encounter, but feeling that you’re useful. Maybe this is one of your dream bikes and maybe you’re ready to skip a few details and finally get your hands on it. In this video it is a Honda CBX engine.

Brick House Builds is a custom shop that posts videos of the restorations on their YouTube channel, and the story of the owner of this CBX will probably sound familiar to some of you. Many of us have a motorcycle in the garage that we dream of, but the point is that if we find something that looks like a good deal, it’s probably a little too easy to convince us to buy it.

This is the third video in the Brick House Builds CBX series, and it looks like that’s pretty much exactly what happened here. The deal was too good to pass up, and while somewhere deep down the buyer knew there was probably a trick, the heart has its reasons that reason ignores.

Former owners can be a curse for any used vehicle buyer. When you start to find random and inexplicable pieces of metal, broken screwdriver tips and damaged carburetor screws, you may regret your purchase.

While this video offers an interesting insight into the interior of a CBX engine, it also shows you another angle: When faced with a restoration project that goes a little further than planned, you are faced with two choices: sell to the next person. and let them take care of, or take the challenge, dismantle the beast and restore it completely.

In this video, the Brick House Builds team restorers built a special engine mount to make both disassembly and relocation in limited space easier, then proceeded to complete disassembly for a thorough inspection and rebuild. It remains to be seen how the end result is put together as part of the CBX!

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