Special: Tunnel Keeper Concept Bike, a motorcycle designed for rescue in tunnels [Vidéo] – MotoGP


Any kind of accident is a terrible thing to experience, whether you’re present or eagerly awaiting news from an involved loved one. However, it is exponentially worse if this emergency occurs in a tunnel, simply because access is so severely restricted.

The individual characteristics of a given tunnel will cause different types of access issues, but a system like this concept called Tunnel Keeper seems to handle most of these issues. Notably, industrial designer Syu Wei Chen, responsible for the creation of this vehicle, won the “Student Notable Transportation Award”, Syu Wei Chen also designed a comprehensive strategy and process on how the Tunnel Keeper would be used in an emergency.

The Tunnel Keeper is not just an electric motorcycle, rather it is a complete system designed for optimum efficiency in a tunnel in the event of an emergency. Syu Wei Chen envisions a Tunnel Keeper station, where operators are ready to get on their vehicles and rush quickly to handle an emergency in the tunnel they are in. Vehicles charge up at the station and patiently wait for their need.

Equipped with a water mist system, a compressed air foam system and a “smoke evacuation system” to disperse the smoke as it progresses, the electric concept bike can be connected to on-site fire hydrants and carry injured people on the removable stretcher.

Fire hoses have been placed along the walls throughout the tunnel. Tunnel Keeper motorcycles are equipped with fittings for these hoses, allowing an operator to attach the hose directly to the motorcycle and then spray any fire into the tunnel. If required, a separate foam tank and nozzle configuration is located at the rear of the Tunnel Keeper.

Other features include a smoke vent that helps circulate air through the tunnel when the Tunnel Keeper is on its way to the emergency room. It also sprays a fine mist to capture particles in the air and return them to the ground, so they have fewer breathing and vision problems for everyone in the tunnel. There is also a stretcher that looks like a futuristic sidecar so that a tunnel guard operator can place an injured person in it and quickly get them out of the tunnel where they can get proper medical treatment.

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