Stoner: “Pedrosa was able to destroy me with the same bike”


The Spanish and the Australian, who were born 17 days apart, had almost parallel races in the World Cup. Although they both debuted in 2001 in 125cc, Pedrosa did the full season while Stoner only ran two wild card. The one from Southport achieved a fixed place in 2002, but in 250cc. A year later it dropped to eighth of a liter, when the one from Castellar del Vallés (Barcelona) won the title.

Pedrosa made the leap to 250cc in 2004, while Stoner had to repeat in the small category. In 2005, already in the quarter liter, both fought for the title, which fell on the Catalan’s side, and that earned them to get into MotoGP.

While the # 26 went to the official team Repsol Honda in 2006, Stoner landed on the satellite CSF after everything was agreed to do it with Pons. Pedrosa completed his entire career until retirement with the signing of the golden wing, but the # 27 he went to Ducati in 2007 to make history by becoming the only MotoGP world champion under the Borgo Panigale brand to date and staying there until 2010.

In 2011 Their paths came together, but they only lasted two years as companions. The oceanic, who won his second title in the colors of the Spanish oil company, coincided with an unforgettable generation in his years in MotoGP, but from whom he learned the most was Pedrosa.

“Jorge (Lorenzo) had many things that I would have wanted, Valentino’s (Rossi) fighting ability and the way he read the races, especially when he started to get a little loaded. But the person from whom I learned the most in my career, because I raced with him my whole career, it was Dani Pedrosa. The way he was able to find speed and things that sometimes blew your mind, you said to yourself ‘how the hell is he doing this?’ “he said Stoner in an interview on the official MotoGP website.

“When I became his teammate in 2011, it was the best thing that ever happened to me, because the previous years at Ducati, although I don’t want to be misunderstood, I was never able to look at my teammate’s data to know how to go faster. With Dani, again without pride, I could see what he was capable of doing in some parts of the track, with the same bike; he was able to absolutely destroy me. And you’re like ‘okay, what is he doing? are you doing different? ‘ setup because I follow my own direction and things like that, but sometimes I would attack things a little differently and I was able to learn a lot from it, and that gave me a lot more strength, knowing that I had someone so fast with whom to polish some of my weaknesses “, settled.

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