Stoppies like Toprak Razgatlioglu and Jack Miller: Brembo provides insights


In the past few decades, wheelies have been the most popular way to let your emotions run free after a session or after a race. Recently, however, stoppies, i.e. riding on the front wheel, became very fashionable. Superbike world champion Toprak Razgatlioglu and MotoGP rider Jack Miller are pioneers in this field.

But what happened with a stoppie? “In the case of a stoppie, the front wheel stays firmly on the ground while the rear wheel is catapulted upwards: a high speed is not necessary for this stunt, it would actually be a hindrance to the success of the stunt. All stuntmen declare that you can do a stunt Can make 40-60 km / h “, explains brake supplier Brembo.

The long stoppies of Yamaha works driver Toprak Razgatlioglu are particularly impressive. “Normally, the maneuver for him is such that he drives into the pit lane at 80 km / h in second gear and then applies the front brake with 12 to 14 bar,” explains Brembo. “As soon as the rear wheel takes off, Razgatlioglu reduces the pressure to 2 to 3 bar in order to be able to keep the balance.”

Of course, Toprak Razgatlioglu celebrated his World Cup success in the WSBK with a stoppie

Photo: Motorsport Images

“Posture is also very important, from the elbows, which have to remain loose, to the knees, which should be pulled up as if you wanted to hug the tank,” describes brake supplier Brembo. “It would be a mistake to bring the upper body forward in an unnatural position, as the overall center of gravity of the person and the motorcycle would then be unbalanced.”

“After a few tenths of a second, the pressure on the front brake should be gradually reduced to avoid tipping forwards: the rear wheel remains in the air during this phase,” describe the brake experts from Italy.

If the rider provokes the rear wheel to lift off, a force of 6.5 to 7.2 kg must be exerted on the brake lever using the fingers. That’s more than braking hard after a straight, like the one at the Losail International Circuit in Qatar.

For the braking systems, however, stoppies are not a major burden due to the low speeds. “The temperature of the pads and the brake fluid is kept within limits so that the brake system is not exposed to any thermal stress,” confirms Brembo.

“Nevertheless, this feat is not seen by many team managers,” the Italians know. “Not so much because of the risk of destroying the mechanical components – even if there is one or the other who is worried about the oil inside the engine, for example – than because of the risk of a fall and a stupid injury , the breakage of parts of the motorcycle or even a bad impression in front of the cameras. “

With images from Brembo.

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