[Street] A (not) cool kiss effect from Brexit, transporting a motorcycle to or from England will be more expensive – MotoGP


Motorcycling is of course the funniest way to enjoy a two-wheeler, but motorcyclists who choose to transport their motorbike between Europe and the UK have had to deal with the nasty consequences of Brexit. According to the Federation of European Motorcycle Associations (FEMA), there seems to be confusion about what constitutes a temporary importation situation – and as a result, motorcyclists face high taxes and customs duties.

Due to Brexit, transporting a motorcycle from Europe to England or vice versa has become a decidedly expensive affair for many due to taxes and duties. We are of course not talking about manufacturers and sellers, to whom one would again have to give a more complicated speech, but of individuals who, to participate in a rally or perhaps for practical reasons, with a view to a more complicated journey. , wanted to have their motorcycle transported on trucks and vans instead of riding in the saddle. As a result of England’s departure from the European Union, the increase in costs is, it must be said, not the same for all countries and often also depends on the interpretations of the legislation, which are quite different and far from homogeneous .

Unfortunately, there seems to be a communication breakdown in situations like this – and it plagues both EU and UK travelers who want to cross the border from one place to another. That is why FEMA, along with the International Federation of Vintage Vehicles (FIVA) and the National Motorcycle Council (NMC), have all written a letter to the European Commission requesting both clarification and reasonable and fair treatment.

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