[Street] The Yamaha E01 electric scooter was spied on in full test – MotoGP


Yamaha seems to be making progress in its drive for electrification. Photos of the highly anticipated E01 electric scooter have surfaced online, showing a heavily camouflaged scooter circulating in Japan. It is clear that this vehicle is more than just a prototype, given its progressive appearance. Sources suggest that Yamaha actually held a media test drive in Japan to demonstrate the new electric scooter.

Although it has a thick camouflage, it is still quite obvious to see the Yamaha style on the E01. Taking a step back, the overall look of the scooter isn’t that far off the design of the YZF-R1. In addition, the proportions suggest that the dimensions will be similar to those of the Yamaha NMAX maxi scooter, a popular scooter in Asia and Europe. From the sides and rear of the scooter, it is clear that the E01 will eventually become a popular vehicle in several markets, thanks to useful features such as a two-seater seat and integrated grab handles.

Up front, the instrumentation is surprisingly dull, with a simple monochrome LCD display. It displays battery status prominently in the bottom center, as well as speed in a very retro, calculator-esque way. The sides are decorated with several indicator lights, consisting of what appears to be headlights, turn signals, ABS and mobile phone signal, referring to the integration of the smartphone with Bluetooth. Please note, however, that this vehicle is only a test prototype and Yamaha may intentionally hide other information about the scooter prior to launch.

The E01 scooter has 13 inch wheels, as well as disc brakes with ABS. Keyless starting and different riding modes are standard. As for performance, Yamaha has yet to reveal full specs. However, multiple sources suggest that the scooter has an actual range of about 65-80km on a single charge, meaning this scooter is only good for getting around town.

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