[Street] VP Racing Fuels develops biofuels produced with renewable components – MotoGP


VP Racing Fuels is a company that specializes in the development and production of various high-performance fuels, lubricants and additives. The company recently announced that it is working hard to develop biofuels using biorenewable components and that it will soon include biofuels in its current line of high-performance fuel products.

It comes after several competition categories, such as Formula 1 or MotoGP, have pledged to use biofuels in the coming years. Motorsport has always been the testing ground for various technological developments in consumer vehicles. Can it also pave the way for biofuels and extend the life of the good old combustion engine? VP Racing Fuels seems to be of this opinion and announces that this type of fuel can certainly play a role in reducing polluting emissions.

Mark Walls, Director of R&D at VP Racing Fuels says: “With increasing concern for the global environment and increasing demand for the transportation of people and goods, government agencies continue to push for stricter regulations on pollutants and CO2 emissions. “ While electrification is certainly a key to the future, Mark Walls added that fuels can play a role in significantly reducing emissions, “Carmakers continue to develop advanced powertrains such as electric and hybrid electric vehicles to address this issue, but we felt we could play a part. “

VP Racing Fuels has a catalog with a range of more than 70 exclusive fuels, 23 of which already use different biorenewable components. The company aims to further increase this number. In addition to VP Racing Fuels, several key players in the automotive and motorcycle industry have expressed interest in the widespread adoption of biofuels. Ducati, Porsche and Mazda, among others, have said that biofuels may very well have a chance to solve the growing pollution problem the world currently faces.

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