Joan Lascorz is driving a strong Dakar Rally in 2022


After four stages of the Dakar Rally 2022, the former Kawasaki works driver Joan Lascorz is excellently in the race. And he kept his word: if necessary, the names of his supporters will be immortalized by hand on his buggy.

Joan Lascorz started a crowdfunding to secure his participation in the Dakar Rally 2022. Since his training fall in Imola in 2012, the Spaniard has been sitting in a wheelchair and can only use his hands to a limited extent. He cannot include the steering wheel and gears, a clamping device for his hands enables the 36-year-old to operate his vehicle.

The Dakar is already tough for healthy people, how should it be for someone who does not have complete control over their body? It’s admirable. The money raised will be used to support Lascorz during the arduous rally.

Lascorz promised in advance that he would write every donation on his rally vehicle – the Spaniard posted the proof on Facebook at the beginning of the 44th edition of the Dakar. Alex Lowes and Ana Carrasco are prominently immortalized.

In the side-by-side category with co-driver Miguel Puertas Herrera, Lascorz is in a good eleventh place after four stages, but with a gap of 2:30 hours, of which 17 minutes are time penalties.

«We are approaching the top 10 in the overall standings and we are ready for the fifth stage. The tiredness is already noticeable. Two more stages and then we have a break, »said Lascorz on Wednesday. “It’s a long race and I follow the advice of the experienced drivers not to make any mistakes in the first few days. So I’ll take it easy, I’ll attack more later. The third stage was particularly tough – because of the cold. I wish to come further south so that it finally gets warmer. Many thanks also to the many encouraging messages. Unfortunately it is impossible to answer everyone. “

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