MSI lists suggested retail prices for X670 motherboards

MSI has revealed the official suggested retail prices for the first X670 motherboards.

The prices were published on MSI’s own web store, albeit only the American version. On the European websites of MSI, the four first X670 motherboards are mentioned, but for the time being, sales outlets and asking prices are missing.

Nevertheless, the dollar price is a good indication of the kind of amounts MSI is proposing. The basic MSI Pro X670-P WiFi motherboard is the lowest entry level, with a suggested retail price of $289.99.

The MSI MPG X670E Carbon WiFi is a bit more luxurious, with more power phases, a separate network antenna and carbon fiber-like styling cues. The suggested retail price of the MPG model is $479.99. A PCIe 5.0 video card slot will also be made available for X670E models; X670 only supports PCIe 5.0 for M.2 SSDs.

MSI’s two new motherboards in the MEG line are, as always, aimed at a premium segment. The motherboards have by far the most luxurious finish and the widest I/O options, but also come with an add-in card for additional M.2 SSDs, not to mention the new PCIe 5.0 interface.

The MSI MEG X670E Ace therefore has a firm suggested retail price of $699.99. The heavier MSI MEG X670E Godlike costs a whopping $1,299.99. For that you get a spacious 24 + 2 + 1 power phasing and a 4.5-inch IPS touchscreen to place in or around your cabinet.

MSI’s new AMD motherboards are due out later this month. An exact date was not mentioned, but AMD spoke of a gradual rollout of the first AM5 motherboards in mid-September. The first Ryzen 7000 processors to be placed in the motherboards have set a date; they should officially go on sale on September 27.

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