MultiVersus Creator Explains How New Character Plays Gizmo

Developer Player First Games gives a look at the new character Gizmo, which is playable starting tomorrow.

According to the Twitter page of developer Player First Games, Gizmo is a so-called support character. He is thus focused on assisting his combat partner. Gizmo uses the bow he also uses in the movie Gremlins 2. The player has to hold the attack button for a while to fire arrows, and if the button is held long enough, the arrows catch fire.

His special attack is called Song of the Mogwai, which uses musical notes as projectiles. Those projectiles ensure that enemies are temporarily unable to use skills. Jumping on the back of a teammate through his ‘Gizmo A-Go-Go’ move, removing debuffs from the character. From the back, Gizmo can continue to use his bow and Song of the Mogwai.

Gizmo was actually supposed to be added to MultiVersus yesterday, but developer Player First Games needed extra time “to get it out of its box”. Later, another Gremlins character comes to the game, namely the antagonist Stripe, who, according to the developer, gets other moves.

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