MultiVersus update changes hurtboxes and projectiles

Version 1.02 of MultiVersus is rolling out today, which includes changes for “hurtboxes” and projectiles.

A month ago, MultiVersus developer Player First Games announced that “hit detection” would be getting a major overhaul, and it’s rolling out today as part of update 1.02.

Previously, a character’s “hurtbox” – the area that an opponent can hit to deal damage – was a large rectangular area glued on top of the character model. After the update, the “hurtbox” fits the model of the character correctly, and it is folded around the 3D model, as it were. This also makes it possible to hurt opponents by hitting a limb, for example.

The other big change in update 1.02 is for projectiles. These are being standardized: all projectiles should now behave in a similar way, so that players “don’t need an encyclopedic knowledge of every attack in the game” to know how all projectiles work together.

Now if two projectiles hit each other, both will be destroyed. There is now also a ‘heavier’ projectile, which can break through the standard projectiles and cannot be bounced back. They are only destroyed if they hit another ‘heavy’ projectile.

The update also includes a variety of balance changes for the eighteen characters of MultiVersus, as well as some minor tweaks to maps and perks.

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